Involved in many on-campus organizations and clubs as well as held leadership positions in both BOLD FIU and PantherNOW.  


BOLD is a student-run, faculty-led strategic communications agency at Florida International University. I joined the agency as an Account Executive in Fall 2020, where I managed the FIU Theatre account and led a team of four on strategy, social media and public relations. Throughout the fall semester, my team and I were able to build awareness of virtual productions during the COVID-19 pandemic and engage the client’s audience through social media via interactive and creative content. In Spring 2021, I became BOLD’s Director of Culture, my current role in the agency. As Director of Culture, I manage and produce the agency’s podcast, The BOLD Brew Podcast, which is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. I also design and write the agency’s weekly newsletter, and engage members through current trends and innovations in the advertising and marketing industry as well as their significance to members’ professional growth as communicators.


In the Summer and Fall of 2020, I interned for the Frost Art Museum at FIU. I filmed and edited video projects for the museum to post on their website and social media platforms to increase engagement and develop their audience during the COVID-19 pandemic. The internship allowed me to explore my creativity and create content for a culturally significant location in my community. Here you will find a video that I created for the museum showcasing their efforts and impact in the community at Sweetwater Elementary’s Class of 2020’s graduation. 

Edgelab Promo 1.png

In Fall 2019 and Spring 2020, I was a video intern at the FIU EdgeLab. Throughout my internship, I helped build student awareness of the makerspace on campus and promote the opening of a second space on campus through social media. As an intern for the EdgeLab, which is associated with the Honors College at FIU, I also assisted in the organization and promotion of the college’s events. Here you will find a sample of my work encouraging students to visit the makerspace. 


From Fall 2018 through Summer 2019, I was involved with the university’s student newspaper, PantherNOW. I first entered as a contributing writer, was then promoted to a staff writer and eventually became an Assistant News Director in my last eight months at the newspaper. As a PantherNOW News writer I helped break stories on on-campus developments, groups, events and other university stories. To read my articles, visit

Hult Prize.jpg

The Hult Prize Foundation is an organization that dedicates itself to impact education through an annual challenge called the Hult Prize Challenge, which grants a university team of students a US $1 million seed capital grant to bring their innovation to life. In my first year at FIU, I had the opportunity to compete in the on-campus Hult Prize Competition through my first-year Honors College course. The Hult Prize 2018 Challenge was to “harness the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people by 2025.” Thus, my team and I created SWEET (Sterilized Water Energy Efficient Transport), a solution that targeted the water crisis by using energy to tackle the access, quality and affordability of clean water in the rural communities of Latin America and the Caribbean. With the help of StartUP FIU, my team and I won second place in the on-campus competition, but we were fortunate enough to be chosen to compete in the Hult Prize San Francisco Regionals, where we became semi-finalists. 



Completed a total of 11 Global Learning Courses ranging from art, science, communication and technology.


IDH 3034/3035:

Art, Society, Conflict

Art, Society, Conflict is the best course that I have taken in my college career. Taught by artist and professor John W. Bailly, the course escaped the traditional classroom setting and immersed me in Miami’s artistic and cultural world. From visiting museums like the Rubell, to learning from artists in Fountainhead, to exploring Miami’s history in Deering Estate and Viscaya. This course challenged my way of thinking, made me question the human condition,and deepened my appreciation for art. It showed me how art can be found anywhere and in anything, how it can tell a story, how it can break societal barriers, instigate societal change, and connect people from different backgrounds. 


To learn more about my experience and projects in the course, visit

EVR 1017:

The Global Environment and Society

This course not only taught me more about the impacts of social and economic processes on the global environment, but also about the connection between different regions in the world and how the climate crisis is a result of everyone’s actions and not just one single entity. From film reviews, literature discussions, and one-page exercises, Professor David Bray’s course introduced me to the Anthropocene, the possible relationship between science and religion, and, most importantly, Michael Mann and Tom Toles’s The Madhouse Effect. I took this course during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and it grew my global awareness and perspective in regard to environmental issues and why many people may view and scale them differently. I recommend everyone to read The Madhouse Effect to understand climate science, to learn about the climate crisis, and realize the magnitude of the problem and our role in it. Although the book focused on climate science, it demonstrated to me the growing gap between science, politics and trust in a simple and effective way, and how global environmental change has been hindered by it. 

GLY 4881:

Coastal Hazards

As the course name suggests, Coastal Hazards taught me about the nature and problems associated with coastal hazards such as tsunamis, hurricanes, freshwater flooding, erosion, and sea level rise. Although informational, the course also taught me the different methods of mitigation of coastal hazards and why some areas, like Bangladesh and Costa Rica, have suffered for decades from the same hazards. Taught by Dr. Stephen Leatherman, also known famously as Dr. Beach, the course challenged me to think of coastal hazards in a cultural and societal context and possible solutions to hazards in my local community like sea level rise, erosion and, most of all, rip currents. 

Other GL Courses:

IDS 3309: How We Know What We Know 

GEO 3510: Earth Resources

IDH 3034 and 3035: The Fourth Industrial Revolution 

MMC 3303: Global Media and Society 

VIC 3400: Visual Design for Globalized Media 

EVR 1001: Introduction to Environmental Science 



For six months, between the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020, I interned for Cortada Projects, Miami environmental artist Xavier Cortada’s social practice collection. Cortada Projects aims to address local and global environmental issues through the power of art. By engaging communities through his art, Cortada hopes to achieve environmental change and create environmental stewards in the global community. 


As Media and Communications Coordinator, I mainly focused on the launch of Plan(T), Cortada’s eco-art project that tackles the climate crisis in South Florida. By encouraging residents to plant mangrove propagules (or seedlings) in their yards, Plan(T) mitigates, educates and prepares the community for the impacts of climate change such as rising sea levels and saltwater intrusion. My job as Media and Communications Coordinator was to explain the science behind the art in a visually captivating, simple, and effective manner. Not only did I manage, create and strategize social media content for Cortada Projects, but I also wrote website copy and designed web pages to illustrate the inspiration behind his pieces, the significance of his artwork, and the need for environmental change. 


My internship with Cortada Projects taught me how art can impact society and the environment, how it can create a movement, and how it can change how we see and solve problems. It increased my global learning, changed my global perspective on environmental issues, and allowed me to engage a global audience on issues in my hometown that can also be found in other regions in the world. 


To learn more about my internship with Cortada Projects, check out my feature article on FIU News


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